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Casio FX-300MS Calculator Class Pack


Tech Line Part #: FX-300MS-CLASS Brand:


Casio FX-300MS Calculator Class Pack

This class pack contains:

  • 30 – FX-300MS calculators with protective slide covers
  • 3 – Storage Cases
  • Wall Poster of the FX-300MS
  • Casio Activity Book for the FX-300MS
Casio 300MSĀ solar calculatorĀ has a 2-line display that shows formulas and results simultaneously. It also has 229 built in mathematic functions, including fractions, statistics, standard deviation, linear regression, and polar-rectangular conversion. The keys are hard, plastic, round-cornered and tamper proof. The fraction keys allows entry and calculation of fractions. It converts between mixed and improper fractions and converts fractions to their decimal equivalents.

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Weight 29 lbs