Algebra I with TI-Nspire: Semester I – for CX & CX CAS version 3.2


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This full-color case-bound textbook is designed to help teachers implement the marvelous power of TI-nspire in the teaching of Algebra 1. Created for the Common Core State Standards.

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Table of Contents


Unit 1: From Arithmetic to Algebra


Exploration 1:             The Natural Numbers (primes & composites)

Exploration 2:             Greatest Common Denominator & Least Common Multiple

Exploration 3:             From Integers to Fractions & Real Numbers

Exploration 4:             Unknowns & Variables: Entry into Algebra

Exploration 5:             Computing with Mathematical Formulas

Exploration 6:             Formulas and their Inverse Formulas


Unit 2: Linear Equations & Inequalities


Exploration 7:             Using Tables to Solve Linear Equations

Exploration 8:             Using Algebra to Solve Simple Linear Equations

Exploration 9:             Using Algebra to Solve Compound Linear Equations

Exploration 10:           Solving Proportions

Exploration 11:           Manipulating Formulas by Solving Equations

Exploration 12:           Linear Inequalities in One Variable


Unit 3: Functions & Relations


Exploration 13:           Cartesian Coordinates & Scatter Plots

Exploration 14:           Cartesian Coordinates & Graphs

Exploration 15:           Functions as Input-Output Machines

Exploration 16:           Reading & Interpreting Graphs

Exploration 17:           Functions & Relations as Sets of Ordered Pairs

Exploration 18:           Sequences & Scatter Plots


Unit 4: Linear Functions


Exploration 19:           The Concept of Slope

Exploration 20:           Direct Variation

Exploration 21:           Partial Variation

Exploration 22:           Formulas for the Equation of a Line

Exploration 23:           Parallel & Perpendicular Lines

Exploration 24:           Linear Functions

Exploration 25:           Using Linear Functions to Model Data


Unit 5: Linear Systems


Exploration 26:           Solving a Pair of Linear Equations by Graphing        

Exploration 27:           Solving a Pair of Linear Equations by Substitution

Exploration 28:           Equivalent Linear Systems

Exploration 29:           Solving a System using Linear Combinations

Exploration 30:           Analyzing Linear Systems

Exploration 31:           Graphing Linear Inequalities

Exploration 32:           Solving Systems of Linear Inequalities

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